Click Here To Donate To Paving The Driveway!

Here at Branches Pregnancy Resource Center our driveway has been on the “To-Do List” for years.  But it has come to a point that we have to address it.  It is dirt and desperately needs to be paved!

  • Cars sink into the mud every spring and our moms have trouble carrying their little ones inside the center.
  • During the winter the dirt driveway is much harder to maintain and tends to be icy.  We can’t have an icy driveway for our pregnant moms!
  • We want our center to be inviting and professional to the families we serve and that starts with the first impression: the driveway.
  • We lose a good portion of the gravel every year during plowing.  So a paved driveway would save us the ongoing expense of replacing it.
  • The estimated cost of this job is $10,000 (any funds remaining will be reserved for future building/grounds needs).

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Here are some shots of our driveway:

The end of driveway….and all the plowed up gravel 🙁

Wouldn’t it be beautiful (and safe!) with pavement?

We can’t have our moms parking in this and walking through it! 

We need friends like you to make this happen during this spring/summer season!  Let’s get this done for our moms and babies now so they don’t have to go through another winter/mud season with our dirt driveway.

Thank you so much for partnering with us!

Click Here To Donate To Paving The Driveway!

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